About: Trey
Age: 51
Height: 5’10”
Born In: Valdosta, GA (moved to Aurora, CO at 6 weeks old)
Training certificates: CrossFit Level 1
Favorite WOD: Sisson and Lynne
Most Dreaded Exercise: Tie between Thursters / Overhead Squats
Favorite workout music: Anything recorded before 1990
Favorite sports (other then CrossFit): If sitting on the back of a boat watching a fishing line is considered a sport then it’s my favorite. Otherwise skiing but I’m not sure it’s considered a sport the way I do it.
Something you might not know:
– I have a degree in Civil Engineering that I’ve never used.
– I Archery hunt
– I’ve visited every state except Alaska

Chance of seeing Trey

Morning 0%
Mid Day 20%
Evening 80%
Saturdays 20%
Sundays 20%