August 5, 2022
    by Alex Etzen


    Volunteer Sign Up for In-House Comp!
    – We need Judges and event crew. If you’re not able to compete we can definitely use the help making this a great event. Here is the link to sign up as a Volunteer.

    2022 Team Competition Volunteer

    In-house competition Teams!!!
    Check out the teams for the in-house competition. I suggest getting in contact with your team. Workouts will start getting posted next week and you’ll definitely need to talk strategy.

    2022 Team Competition


    XS CrossFit – General CrossFit


    2 Rounds NFT

    :60 AAB medium pace

    8 Barbell Kang Squat

    10 Barbell Strict Press

    10 Muscle Cleans

    Pause Front Squat + Front Squat (7 x (1+1) 3 second pause, build )

    Split Press (5 x 4 )

    In Split Jerk stance, strict press

    Accessory Work

    Barbell Biceps Curl 50

    Bar Hang (Accumulate 3:00)

    Walking Lunges 100