May 3, 2021
    by Alex Etzen


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    May challenge. Get yourself within the goal time or rep count! Every WOD will have a target time or rep count to be within. It doesn’t matter how you need to modify the workout (above or below Rx) if you fall within the time or rep count put your name on the whiteboard and add a mark next to your name.

    XS CrossFit – General CrossFit


    Warm-up (No Measure)

    2 ROUNDS

    – 12/10 Cal Row

    – 20 Mountain Climbers

    – 10 Russian KB Swings


    2 ROUNDS

    – 20 Double Unders

    – 10 Scap Push ups

    – 10 Floor Toes to Rig


    Metcon (Time)

    Ryan’s Birthday WOD!!


    Live to do 800 reps look as good you will not.

    100 reps each of:

    (complete any way you can)

    – Hand Solo release push ups

    – Luke Skywalker lunges

    – T2B3PO

    – OB100 Kenobe calorie row

    – Jabba the double unders

    – Darth Vader light saber AS (to a Med Ball)

    – Lando Calrussian KBS (70/53)

    – Chewbaccab mab sit ups

    (Score is Time)

    (Goal 25-35 Minutes)