March 5, 2020
    by Alex Etzen


    It’s been 7 long weeks waiting to see what team takes home 1st in the 2020 XS CrossFit Nutrition Challenge. Here are the top 10 teams. If you’re on one of these teams find Alex to get your prize.

    – 15th Team veggie
    – 14th The Killer Sweats
    – 13th Skinny Dippers
    – 12th Swole and Sexy
    – 11th Flat Girthers
    Top 10 teams getting prizes (find Alex) are:
    – 10th Die Lard (Robin S., James S., Jamie P.) 5340 pts
    – 9th PHAT ASS (Shmoo, Scotty M., Andrew F) 5665 pts
    – 8th FLABULESS (Cassandra H., Amanda N., Lisa M.) 5681 pts
    – 6th Alex and the girls (Julie G., Robyn B., Alex E.) 5823 pts
    – 5th Textbook Guns and Hoses (Sarah N., Chris D., Ryan K.) 5856 pts
    – 4th Bringing Sexy Back (Jessie W., Brian W., Trae H.) 5861 pts
    Top 3 teams making the podium are:
    – 3rd Chalk Dirty To Me (Moriah S., Paul R., Nicole S.) 5899 pts
    – 2nd P. Graval (Jessica P., Dallas H., Noah P.) 5905 pts
    – 1st The Gladeaters (Chris R., Nichol G., David C.) 6149 pts

    XS CrossFit – Barbell Club


    Metcon (No Measure)

    7/7 Empty Barbell OH Walking Lunges

    10 Empty Barbell Strict Press

    30 Second Wall Plank

    * 3 Rounds, NFT


    Front Squat (10×3 at 75%)

    *Build in weight, then do 10 sets of 3 reps at 73-77%.

    Weighted Sit-ups (10×5 with WB)

    Choose your weight.

    Sets are between Front Squat Sets.


    Incline Bench Press (5×5)

    Build in weight and record heaviest set.

    Goal is to get a set around 75-80%.