November 18, 2022
    by Alex Etzen


    Turkey Challenge!
    We have a few teams doing the Turkey Challenge CrossFit competition Saturday (11/19) and Sunday (11/20). Feel free to come watch and cheer everyone on.
    Location: Sports Stable, 1 Superior Dr, Superior, CO 80027

    Teams and Heat Times:
    – Top Buns (Katie M., Amanda N., Josh R., Ryan N.)
    *Saturday 8:45am, 12:55pm, 2:22pm
    *Sunday 8:45am, 12:22pm
    – XS JV Squad (Taylor T., Megan L., Brett W., Alec M.)
    *Saturday 9:00am, 1:17pm, 2:37pm
    *Sunday 9:03am, 12:41pm
    – Racks & Sacks (AlyM., Kris B., Kade S., Alex E.)
    *Saturday 10:20am, 1:22pm, 3:12pm
    *Sunday 10:38am, 2:21pm
    – Full Sent (Nichol G., Brian M.)
    *Saturday 10:55am, 1:52pm, 4:01pm
    *Sunday 11:19am, 3:04pm

    For more info go to

    XS CrossFit – General CrossFit


    Metcon (No Measure)

    10 Calorie Row

    10 C2 Crunches

    10 Romanian DL

    3 Rounds, NFT


    Back Squat (Max Out)

    Build in Weight for either a Heavy Single or Max Out.


    Snatch Pull + Snatch (7 x (1+1) build in weight)