December 31, 2011
    by Alex Etzen

    Great Job today! Almost everyone was surprised at how high they could do a box jump. Tito hit a 50.25″ box and Joann hit a 18.5″ box! It was amazing to watch today. Sorry guys I forgot to take pictures. I’ll be getting a lot more pictures on here in 2012.

    One last day to get T-Shirts for $15.00. Starting the 1st they with be $20.00 for one and $35.00 for two. I know we’ve been talking about getting hoodies in for a month now. We only have to wait a few more days!!! We should have hoodies by middle of next week!

    Come get one last workout in before 2012

    -Team WOD-
    A team workout will be made up on the spot. Bring a friend!

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