Starts on Saturday, August 28th!
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Sign Up!
  • $20 early sign up before 7/18!!! Click Here to sign Up
  • You can also talk to a coach at the gym to sign up.
  • After 7/18 the competition is $30.
  • Sign Up deadline Friday, August 13th.
  • We will build each team with 4 athletes. The teams will be posted by 8/20. All you have to do is sign up.
  • All workouts will be designed for everyone to be able to compete. You’ll have to work together and strategize as a team.
  • We’ll have prizes for the top 3 teams.
  • We’ll also have a prize for the team with the best uniforms.
  • The competition will start on Saturday August 28th at 8am and end by 3pm.

When things will be posted

  • Teams will be posted by 8/20.
  • WOD #1 will be posted by 8/23.
  • Heat Times will be posted by 8/24.
  • WOD #2 will be posted by 8/25.
  • WOD #3 will be posted by 8/26.
  • WOD #4 (The Final) will be announced at the comp.



  • Dan R
  • Fernanda R
  • Jessica P
  • Sean S


  • Frank F
  • Jenna E
  • Jordan S
  • Julie B


  • Amber S
  • Craig J
  • Kade S
  • Margaret M


  • Jim K
  • Kris B
  • Paul R
  • Sammie S


  • Amelia D
  • Brooke F
  • David C
  • Noah F


  • Amanda N
  • Andy F
  • Jimmie K
  • Vicki Z


  • Amanda S
  • Ann P
  • David B
  • John B


  • Caitie O
  • Daniel Y
  • Marissa A
  • Ryan N


  • Eddie C
  • Madison M
  • Preston R
  • Sierra V


  • Brittany O
  • Chris R
  • Katarina M
  • Scotty M

Heat Times

Coming Soon!

WOD #1

Throwback to 2018 but with a twist.

WOD 1 (A-B-C)

There will 15 minutes (5 x 3 Minute Rounds) to complete

  1. (A) Row 3000 Meters (For Time) Any meters not completed will be added as seconds to the final time.
  2. (B) Air Bike 7000 Meters (For Time) Any meters not completed will be added as seconds to the final time.
  3. (C) 3 Minute AMRAP at the following movements. Only one person working at a time


  1. Burpees Short Target = 3 points
  2. Burpees Tall Target = 4 points

Pull ups

  1. Green Band Pull ups = 1 point
  2. Pull ups = 2 points
  3. Chest to Bar Pull up = 3 point
  4. Bar Muscle up = 5 points

Wall Balls to Medball (Men 10’/ Woman 9’)

  1. 10# Ball = 1 point
  2. 14# Ball = 2 points
  3. 20# Ball = 3 points
  4. 30# Ball = 4 points

Box Jumps Overs

  1. 16” Box = 1 point
  2. 20” Box = 2 points
  3. 24 “ Box = 3 points


  1. Ab Mat Sit up = 1 points
  2. Med Ball Sit up w/ 14# = 2 points
  3. Toes to Bar = 4 points

At 3-2-1-GO, 1 Athlete will start rowing, 1 Athlete will start Biking, while the other 2 Athletes start with Burpees, working 1 at a time, the athlete can pick between jumping to the short bar or a tall bar to get 3 pts or 4 pts per burpees, respectively. Athletes can switch between any movements (including Rower and Bike) as much as they’d like.  At 3 minutes the athletes will start accruing points doing whatever type of pull ups. The movements will continue to switch every 3 minutes until all 5 movements are done at 15 minutes.

If you finish the 3000m row or the 7000m Bike that person can rest inside the rower/ bike box and continue switching out with the other athletes doing the movements. WOD #1-A is finished when 3000m is completed on the rower or the 15 minute time cap has elapsed. WOD #1-B is finished when 7000m is completed of the Air Bike of the 15 minute time cap has elapsed.

If you do not finish your 3000m row or the 7000m air bike in the 15min then you will add 1 second for every 10m needed to finish. (example: At 15 minutes you have 235m to go. We add 23 seconds on to your 15minutes so that score would be 15:23.)

Remember these are 3 totally separate workouts that just happen to be going at the same time.

Movement standards:

Burpees – Each team will have 2 pull up bars at different heights. Athlete starts by touching the bar, go chest down to the floor, and then return to touching the bar. When you switch between athletes doing the burpees the new athlete must touch the bar before starting their burpees. You can pick either height bar to accrue points. The short bar is 3 points and the tall bar is 4 points.

Pull ups – Arms must start at full extension and finish with chin over the bar. You can do banded pull ups, Green band for 1 point. You can do regular pull ups (strict, kipping or butterfly) for 2 points. You can do chest to bar pull ups (strict, kipping or butterfly) for 3 points.  You can do bar Muscle Ups for 5 points.

Wallballs – Male athletes will throw the med ball to the 10’ target, Female athletes will throw med ball to the 9’ target. Med Ball will start on the ground, athlete will squat to second med ball before throwing their designated weighted med ball to their designated target. You can toss the 10# Med Ball for 1 point. You can toss the 14# Med Ball for 2 points. You can toss the 20# Med Ball for 3 points.  You can toss the 30# Med Ball for 4 points.

Box Jump Overs – The athlete will start on one side of the box, athletes will make a 2 foot takeoff, 2 feet must land on top of the box. A jump down or step down will be allowed.  Athletes do not need to open up their hips at the top of the box. 16” box = 1 point, 20” box = 2 points, 24 “ box = 3 points

Abs – Athletes can do an Ab Mat sit up (hands touch the ground over the head and shoulders pass the hips at the top) for 1 point. Athletes can do a 14# Med Ball sit up (Med Ball touches the ground over the head and touches the ground in front of the feet) for 2 points.  You can do a toes-to-bar (feet start behind the bar and make contact with the bar between the hands at the same time) for 4 points.

WOD #2

Coming Soon!

WOD #3

Coming Soon!

WOD #4

This WOD will be announced at the competition right before the event starts.