June 19, 2012/0

June 19th

There were so many PRs with the CrossFit total 2! Tina had a PR of 35# on her OHS, Jeff had a PR of 30# on his OHS, Deb had a 5# PR on her Clean and Heather had a PR on every lift! Now I have to rewrite all of lifts on the wall. Keep it UP!!! -WOD- Helen 3 Rounds Of: – Run 400 Meters – 21 Kettlebell @ 53/35# – 12 Pull-ups Class Sign In To …

June 18, 2012/0

June 18th

Get ready for a fun week! Come in mentally ready to lift some heavy weight. Many people don’t understand how much lifting heavy helps you. Not only getting the muscle stronger but strengthening the mind and developing the skill of recruiting our muscles. -WOD- CrossFit Total 2 – Clean, 1 rep Max – Bench press, 1 rep Max – Overhe …

June 16, 2012/0

June 16th

-TEAM WOD- Will be made up on the spot. Bring a friend! Class Sign In Today’s Results (This can only be seen if you’re logged in) [hide] [/hide]

June 15, 2012/0

June 15th

This has been a great week! Thursday was a 9 Class day! That’s the most amount of classes XS CrossFit has ever had in one day. Finish this week off right. Push to make it in and get a great workout. -WOD- 25 Wall Balls (20#/14#) 100m Row 20 Wall Balls 200m Row 15 Wall Balls 300m Row 10 Wall Balls 400m Row 5 Wall Balls 500m Row Class Sign In Today’s …

June 14, 2012/0

June 14th

If you want to start CrossFit and are waiting for a good time. You’ll never find it! It’s always easy to find any excuse. Start today! With a free 1st class come in and check it out. -WOD- 4 min AMRAP 10 Ring Rows 20 Double unders Hold a Plank for 1min and repeat for a total of 3 Rounds (The Plank will only be done between rounds so 2x total) …

June 13, 2012/0

June 13th

-WOD- 13min AMRAP – 8 Bar Lunges (95/65#) – 10 Handstand Push Ups – 8 Bar Lunges (95/65#) – 200m Run Class Sign In Today’s Results (This can only be seen if you’re logged in) [hide] 9:00AM – Tina 4+25 (Mods: 55#, Green & Red Bands) – Lucas 4+3 (Mods: 75#, Black & Red Bands) – Kathy 3+8 (Mods: 35#, …