• The competition is $30. Click Here to sign Up
  • Sign Up deadline Friday July 31st.
  • We will build each team with 4 athletes. The teams will be posted by 8/2. All you have to do is sign up.
  • All workouts will be designed for everyone to be able to compete. You’ll have to work together and strategize as a team.
  • We’ll have prizes for the top 3 teams.
  • We’ll also have a prize for the team with the best uniforms.
  • The competition will start on Saturday August 8th at 8am and end by 3pm.

When things will be posted

  • Teams will be posted by 8/2.
  • WOD #1 will be posted by 8/4.
  • Heat Times will be posted by 8/5.
  • WOD #2 will be posted by 8/6.
  • WOD #3 will be posted by 8/7.
  • WOD #4 (The Final) will be announced at the comp.

Teams - (Posted)

Green Team

  • Andy Fraser
  • Andy Stewart
  • Christine Yee
  • Matthew Zeeb

Yellow Team

  • Chris Dudley
  • Eddie Compres
  • Jessie Warley
  • Julie Garrison

Blue Team

  • Alec Morgan
  • Caitie Owens
  • Jimmie Keas
  • Nicole Sullivan

Red Team

  • Andrew Betancourt
  • Nichol Gagnon
  • Sean Owens
  • Vicki Zeeb

Black Team

  • Ali Reeg
  • Jordan Sullivan
  • Michael Cornish
  • Robyn Buckland

Purple Team

  • Moriah Smith
  • Nick Wenz
  • Sarah Bailey
  • Trey Long

White Team

  • Alex Tuel
  • Kris Becka
  • Margaret Matt
  • Travis Barr

Pink Team

  • David Corso
  • Frank Jr
  • Matt Brady
  • Megan Lepore

Heat Times - (Posted)

Click Here for the heat sheet.

WOD #1 - (Posted)

WOD #1 (Kelly & Annie)

Both A & B will start at the same time.

A. For Time:
– (20) 200m laps (4k as a team)

Key things to know:

  1. Only 1 person running 200m at a time.
  2. You can only run the 200m track.
  3. You do NOT have to switch athletes each lap.
  4. Each athlete MUST run at least 1 Lap.
  5. 25 Minute Time Cap

B. For Time:
– 150 Med Ball Sit Ups (14#/10#) (Synchronized)
– 150 Killer Rope (1 person working at a time)
– 150 Wall Ball (14# to 10’/10# to 9′) (1 person working at a time)
– 150 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″) (Synchronized)

Key things to know:

  1. 25 Minute Time Cap
  2. We will be very strict on a full Squat in the wall ball.
    The 2 athletes not working on movements or running will be standing in the tag box.
  3. Synchronized Med Ball Sit Ups = Med Ball touching the floor in front of the feet at the same time. If someone does the sit up first they can wait with the ball on the floor for the other person to finish the movement for the rep to count. The athlete will start in the butterfly position with the feet together and Med Ball touching the floor in front of the feet. The Med ball must make contact with the floor above the head and back to the floor in front of the feet.
  4. Synchronized Box Jump Overs = Both athletes must be touching the ground on the other side of the box for the rep to count. If you jump on the box for your next rep before both feet of your partner touch the ground to complete the last rep you must come back to get credit for the last rep. The athlete must jump off of both feet and land with both feet on top of the box. The athlete can step or jump down the other side.

WOD #2 - (Posted)

WOD #2 (What’s Your Fit Number?)

8 different 1RM lifts for FIT Number Points.

A. Top four points added together for a total score. (ex: 5.2+5.1+5.0+4.8 = 20.1)

B. Bottom four points added together for a total score. (ex: 2.2+2.1+2.0+1.8 = 8.1)

The available 10 lifts are: Back Squat, Bench Press, Clean, Curtis P, Deadlift, Front Squat, Jerk (from rack), OHS, Seated Shoulder Press, Snatch

  • Each athlete will find a 1 Rep Max at 2 different lifts.
  • No athlete will be able to do the same lift as another athlete on their team. So 8 total lifts (out of the 10 available lifts) will be completed.
  • You must tie or lift more than the listed weight for those points.
  • Must have collars on the bar.
  • Movement will be done in order with each movement having 4 minutes to be completed. If you skip a movement (2 lifts out of the 10 won’t be done) like Curtis P, then Deadlift will be right after the Clean. The total time for this workout is 32 Minutes.
  • You can warm up a movement but no person (unless spotting) or unused equipment can be in the lifting section when a designated athlete is making an attempt.
  • Here are the lifting points.
  • Men Lifting Points
  • Women Lifting Points

WOD #3 - (Posted)

WOD #3 (P-Push It Real Good)

Both A and B will start at the same time.

A. For Time:
– 4 (200m) Fat Tire Bike
– 4 (400m) Fat Tire Bike

  • Each person on the team will ride the fat tire bike 200m and each person will ride the fat tire bike 400m
  • The person riding the final 200m can NOT ride the first 400m.
  • You do NOT have to go in the same order for the 400m bike as you did the 200m bike.
  • 12 Minute Cap

B. 8 Minute AMRAP Of:
– Push the sled 35 Feet
– Pull the sled 35 Feet

  • Only one person is allowed to push or pull at a time.
  • You can switch at anytime and do not have to complete the full 35′ length if you started it.
  • Sled must be clearly over the line in one direction before it can go back the other direction.
  • Score is total distance. If you’re not going to get a full length still try to get as far as possible because every foot counts.

WOD #4

This WOD will be announced at the competition right before the event starts.