March 25th

The Saturday workout was a lot of fun! I liked seeing all the new faces. CrossFit is always more fun doing it with friends and family.


March 24th

Will be made up on the spot!

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March 23rd

Classes were amazing! We had some BIG PRs (personal records) today. Just wanted to say sorry to the classes that ran a little long.

Here are a few pics. I haven’t taken many pics so I took a lot today.

3min AMRAP
– 9 Sit Ups
– 9 Push Ups
– 9 Overhead Lunges 45/25
4min AMRAP
– 12 Sit Ups
– 12 Push Ups
– 12 Overhead Lunges 45/25
5min AMRAP
– 15 Sit Ups
– 15 Push Ups
– 15 Overhead Lunges 45/25

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March 22nd

A few friends at NorCal CrossFit made this video. Hope you guys enjoy!

CrossFit Total
Max Back Squat
Max Shoulder Press
Max Deadlift
Add up all lifts for your total

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March 21st

Here is a pic of Aaron after the workout

Not sure if you saw his hand. This is pure intensity! I love it!!!

5 Rounds
– 200m Run
– 20 Double Unders
– 200m Row

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March 20th

Keep it up everyone! I love seeing the new faces and how hard you guys are pushing.

Death by pull ups
1 Pull Up on min #1
2 Pull Ups on min #2
3 Pull Ups on min #3
4 Pull Ups on min #4
continue going up until you fail to get the reps in a min

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March 19th

Get ready for a great week!

I’m working on some new shirt designs. If you guys have any good CrossFit quotes for a shirt, please post on comments.
I’ll start with:
– Your workout is our warm up
– Can’t breath. Can’t move. Can’t get enough.

Games 12.4
12min AMRAP
-150 Wall Balls
-90 Double Unders
-30 Muscle Ups

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