February 25th

Many people hit a 500m Row PR today.
Mindy with a 1:59 (first girl to break 2 minutes in the gym)
Deb with a 2:05 PR by 3 seconds
Zach with a 1:35
Thomas with a 1:39
Carl with a 1:44 PR of 13 seconds

Great job everyone!


A team workout will be made up on the spot. Come join us for a great time!

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February 24th

Shoulder Press

500m Row
Rest 3 Min
500m Row

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February 23rd

Sorry about the lack of pictures. I’ll be adding some more on here soon!

AMRAP in 10min
-10 Shuttle Runs
-50 Double Unders
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February 22nd

Nice work today everyone! It was great seeing you guys chip away at the Dirty Thirty.

This WOD should be a fun one. It’s not often you get to pick your weight. Try to have a weight from below in mind before you come in.

3 Rounds
-1Ton/.75Ton ground to over head (you pick the weight)
-15 Pull Ups
-15 Sit Ups

Men weights & reps to equal 1 Ton
125# – 16x
100# – 20x
80# – 25x
65# – 31x
Women weights & reps to equal .75 Ton
100# – 15x
75# – 20x
60# – 25x
45# – 34x
35# – 43x
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February 21st

Dirty Thirty
30 Box jump, 24/18
30 Jumping pull-ups
30 Kettlebell swings, 36/18
30 Walking Lunge steps
30 Knees to elbows
30 Push press 45/35#
30 Hip extensions
30 Wall balls 20/14
30 Burpees
30 Double unders
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February 20th

Back Squat

5 Rounds of:
200m Row
rest 30sec

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February 19th