March 28th

I like seeing all the votes on shirt ideas. If you haven’t let me know your thoughts you still have time.

Lets talk a little about motivation. Motivation is key! Most people can stay motivated for 2 weeks, it’s hard to stay motivated for 2 months and amazing to stay motivated for 2 years. I’m not saying it will take 2 years to get what you want but you need to know what you want to stay motivated. The way to keep that desire for working out is to set goals. These goals can be small or big but keep them reachable. Every time someone reaches a goal it motivates them to push for the next one. Everyone has different goals varying from getting a push up to squatting 400#s. When you have a goal in mind tell your friends, family, trainer, barista and anyone else you can think of. Telling everyone is not only going to repeat the goal to yourself but it also pushes you to keep your word. Set a goal and stay motivated!


400m Run
-3 Rounds of:
–7 Wall Balls
–14 Double Unders
400m Run
-3 Rounds of:
–7 Wall Balls
–14 Double Unders
400m Run
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March 27th

Nice work today on the workout! I know a lot of you didn’t beat your old time and that’s ok. Most of you dropped in band size and we haven’t been rowing as much as we were when it was cold outside.

I just wanted to say congratulations to Mindy for passing the certification this past weekend. You might see her around the gym watching and even teaching a few classes.

Here are a few pics from today.


Tabata KB swings 70#/44#

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March 26th

Hope everyone and a nice weekend!

I need to know what quotes you would like to see on the back of the new shirts.
Pick your top 5 of:
1. Your workout is our warm-up
2. OCD (Obsessive CrossFit Disorder)
3. Can’t breath, Can’t move, Can’t get enough
4. Blood is replaceable, Sweat is expected, Tears are optional
5. Specialize in nothing, Excel in everything
6. I would rather wear chalk then lipstick
7. Don’t use machines become one
8. There’s fit and then there’s CrossFit
9. Does your workout make you nervous? It should
10. Every woman should know how to clean
11. Results are earned not given
12. Be your own hero
13. 3-2-1 GO!

XS Benchmark
– 500m Row
– 40 Air Squats
– 30 Sit Ups
– 20 Push Ups
– 10 Pull Ups
– 500m Row

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March 25th

The Saturday workout was a lot of fun! I liked seeing all the new faces. CrossFit is always more fun doing it with friends and family.


March 24th

Will be made up on the spot!

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March 23rd

Classes were amazing! We had some BIG PRs (personal records) today. Just wanted to say sorry to the classes that ran a little long.

Here are a few pics. I haven’t taken many pics so I took a lot today.

3min AMRAP
– 9 Sit Ups
– 9 Push Ups
– 9 Overhead Lunges 45/25
4min AMRAP
– 12 Sit Ups
– 12 Push Ups
– 12 Overhead Lunges 45/25
5min AMRAP
– 15 Sit Ups
– 15 Push Ups
– 15 Overhead Lunges 45/25

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March 22nd

A few friends at NorCal CrossFit made this video. Hope you guys enjoy!

CrossFit Total
Max Back Squat
Max Shoulder Press
Max Deadlift
Add up all lifts for your total

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