January 12th

No 7:30pm Class (1/12/2012) My bad on the short notice.

Mindy and Joann killing the workout today.


5 Rounds For Time Of:
– 11 Shuttle Runs 30′
– 20 Box Jumps 24/18″

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January 11th


20 min AMRAP:
– 5 Pull Ups
– 10 Push Ups
– 15 Squats
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January 10th


For time:
21-15-9 reps
– Deadlift 225/135#
– Handstand Push Ups

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January 9th

I got the following from CrossFit Verve’s blog. I’ve heard many people talking about their knees and this zones in on it perfectly. Thanks CrossFit Verve.

“I can’t squat – I have bad knees…” Needless to say, we’ve heard this one a few times before. We’re not saying that this statement doesn’t hold some validity, rather people often simply reiterate what they’ve heard or what an uninformed doctor has told them. The fact is, squatting is not only excellent for strength training, it is also a fantastic exercise for both rehabilitation and for injury prevention. The squat builds muscle, increases leg strength, increases hip felxibility and strength, and increases knee stability through strength.

On the flipside, if you only perform partial squats where the crease of the hip doesn’t sink below the depth of the knee, the majority of the force is placed on the tibia as it sinks down and forward. As the tibia is pulled forward, the hamstrings fail to reach full stretch. This puts the ligaments of the knee (where the quadricepts connect to the front of the tibia) in shear and often result in patellar tendonitis.

The often injured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) works alongside the hamstrings to prevent the tibia from moving forward of the femur. Because of this, some ACL injuries can be attributed to underdeveloped hamstrings. By maintaining healthly hip mobility and practicing full depth squats, you can squat without any stress being placed on the ACL. Instead, you are strengthening the posterior chain and stabilizing the knees, rehabilitating old injuries and preventing future ones. The key is to squat correctly with proper depth.

-Adapted from “Starting Strength” by Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore

GET A NOTEBOOK FOR THIS WEEK!!! We are doing some good workouts to write down.


For Time:
-150 Wall Balls

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January 8th

It was a good Saturday turn out! Nice work everyone.

Something to think about with CrossFit – Finding a balance between technique and intensity is very important. I understand that in a race or going against a clock pushes you to loose technique. It’s fine to loose technique on a few reps but if your doing 20 reps and only 3 have good form then you really need to slow down and work the technique. This also goes both ways, if you hit 100 reps and all the reps are perfect technique then you can ramp up the intensity. Try playing with this a little next week. Good technique and control at high speeds will increase your power output.


In home WOD:
5 Rounds of Max # of Push Ups to failure
Rest 3min between sets

January 7th

We had a nice full day of workouts! From 7:00am to 6:30pm. Here are some pictures of a few classes

7:00am Hannah killing it by her self

9:00am Mindy and Kathy lunging like their lives depended on it!

Workout will be made up on the spot. Feel free to bring a friend.

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January 6th

What’s for breakfast tomorrow??? I always find that starting the day off right is key to a successful eating day….start it off right tomorrow.

Food is fuel! Eat well, stay hydrated, come in and get better.

Getting a little love from Jeffery with our XS shirt in Iowa

If you would like to buy a hoodie or T-Shirt the prices are:
Hoodie – 1 for $44.00 – 2 for $80.00
T-Shirt – 1 for $20.00 – 2 for $35.00


15min AMRAP:
-20sec Plank
-20 Double Unders
-20 Overhead lunges 45/25

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