March 14th

Hang Clean


3 Rounds of:
1min Row for calories
1min Pull Ups for reps
1min Rest

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March 13th

I want you all to run like this guy!

4 Rounds of:
– 10 Back Squats 155#/105#
– 20 Hip Extension
– 200m Run

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March 12th

Get ready for a GREAT WEEK!

If you hit this workout over the weekend still come in and we’ll do something different.

Open 12.3
AMRAP in 18min of:
15 Box jumps 24″/20″
12 Push press 115#/75#
9 Toes-to-bar

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March 11th


Enjoy the sun!

March 10th

Workout will be made up on the spot. Bring someone new to show them CrossFit!

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March 9th

work to a max weight for a round of:
3 Shoulder Press
5 Push Press
7 Jerks

800m Run
Rest 3min
400m Run

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March 8th

Here is Jessica crushing the rope climb before she moves to Australia. It was great having you at XS CrossFit Jessica. Enjoy Australia! We’ll see you when you move back in a year!

Here is Deb flying up the rope in the 4:30pm class

With a 4min running clock perform:
– 15 Deadlifts @ 225/135
– 30 Sit Ups
– 45 Mountain Climbers
– Row for as many calories as possible
Rest 1min & repeat for a total of 3 rounds

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