This Friday’s theme for the Open Workout is TEAM COLORS. Where your blues, purples, greens, blacks and pinks and represent your team!!
***No 6:30PM, On-Ramp, or 7:30PM Classes on Thursday.***
Sorry for any inconvenience. Please feel free to come hangout. If you want to come do the Open WOD after the 6pm announcement you are more than welcome.
Open team scores for WOD #3 are posted! Go to the link below.

2019 Open Leaderboards


XS CrossFit – Barbell Club

P: Deadlift (4×2@9, 3×1 Build.)

Record @9 in comments

P: Bench Press (2×3@10, 3×2@9, 3×1@8)

Theoretically these could be the same weight, but adjust the weight as you need.

P: Knees To Elbow (3×12+)

Use a band if needed. Max reps on the third set.

W: Metcon (Weight)

From the blocks. (1 snatch high pull + 1 squat snatch) x5 @8

W: Metcon (Weight)

Hang squat snatch x 5@7

W: Squat Snatch (5×1@9)

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