Open team scores for WOD #2 are posted! Go to the link below. I also setup a few different XS CrossFit and Colorado leaderboards for everyone to check out at the link below.

2019 Open Leaderboards

Open shirts are done! Please take the shirt with your name on it and leave the hanger. I’ll charge your account when I see the empty hanger. If you want to have your team name added please talk to Alex. You can still sign up on the sheet for an Open shirt.
Make sure you enter your score for 19.3 before 6pm on the games.crossfit.com website.

XS CrossFit – General CrossFit

P: Back Squat (2×10@7)

P: Front Squat (2×10@7)

P: Metcon (Weight)

(3 shoulder press + 3 push press) x 5 @7

P: Clean and Jerk (3×3@7)

W: Metcon (Weight)

(1 Clean high pull + 1 hang clean high pull + 1 hang squat clean) x 7. Build.

W: Split Jerk (3-2-1-1-1-1. Build.)

Record heaviest weight.

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