The Body Fat Challenge second body fat test will be between the 16th & 20th. A link to sign up for times will be posted soon. View teams at the link below.
– Sign up for the Open!
– Select XS CrossFit as your affiliate!
– If you want to participate on one of our in-house teams please sign up before Thursday 2/16.
– If you’re unsure about signing up feel free to talk to any coach. My short answer is GO FOR IT! Challenge yourself!
– Sign up at https://games.crossfit.com.

XS CrossFit – Barbell Club

P: Back Squat (6×3@9)

P: Shoulder Press (1×5@9, 3×5@8)

Record @9 in comments

P: Power Clean (3×2@9, 1×3 @8)

Record @8 in comments

W: Metcon (Weight)

8 x (clean pull + hang squat clean) @9

W: Metcon (Weight)

5 x (clean + push-press + push-jerk + split jerk) @8

W: Front Squat (3×5@8)

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