The Body Fat Challenge second body fat test will be between the 16th & 20th. A link to sign up for times will be posted next week. View teams at the link below.
Sign up for the Open and select XS CrossFit as your affiliate! If you want to participate on one of our in-house teams please sign up before Thursday 2/16. If you’re unsure about signing up feel free to talk to any coach. My short answer is GO FOR IT! Challenge yourself! Sign up at https://games.crossfit.com.
– Open Seminar #5 –
– Saturday (2/9) 1pm-2:30pm Open Seminar 5 of 6 (Handstand Push Ups/Handstand walk & Eating for Performance) Join us for our Open Prep Seminars for the next 2 weeks on Saturdays from 1pm to 2:30pm. Here is a link for more info, you can also sign up and pay at this link. http://xscrossfit.com/event/seminar-5-of-6-hspu-hs-walk-eating-for-performance/

XS CrossFit – General CrossFit

P: Metcon (Weight)

Pause Deadlift: 5×3@7
Start the lift, pause 1″ after the break for 2 seconds and continue.

P: Bench Press (5×5@8)

P: Power Snatch (3×3@8)

P: Weighted Pull-ups (3×5@8)

Use a band to a weight that would enable you to comfortably to 7 pull-ups for the first set.

W: Metcon (Weight)

4x (Power snatch + OHS + 3 Zots press) @ 6
@6 = warm-up. Use a weight that you can complete the Zots presses with.

W: Metcon (Weight)

10 x (Snatch pull + hang power snatch + hang squat snatch) @ 8

W: Snatch Grip Deadlift (5×3@8)

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